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1079 American Way Verona WI 53593


phone: 608-848-1079

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What Is Forward Tapping? 

On the third Thursday of every month we keg off a new beer that's fresh out of R&D and allow you to sample the experimental ale in exchange for your honest feedback.

 On Tap This Month: Maibock 

This golden hued malt oriented beer is traditionally brewed to celebrate spring. 

Rich, clean, mild bittering and WONDERFUL.  

 ABV 7.5% , only available while supplies last.

Don't Forget 

• Free admission
• Attendees get one free sample of the brew and the option to purchase a full pour
• Good or bad, we encourage every guest to fill out a comment card and let us know your thoughts
• Per state law, wine, hard alcohol and other beer brands are not served and cannot be carried in
• Carry-in food and delivery are allowed
• Leashed dogs are allowed

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